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Functional Mushrooms 101

  • A bowl of Tremella mushrooms in a nice wood background

    How Tremella Can Help Your Skin Stay Hydrated

    A functional mushroom called Tremella might help your skin hold onto the moisture it already has. Learn more about how it works for skin hydration.*
  • Bottle of Fungies Tremella Mushroom Gummies in a beauty bag

    Tremella Mushrooms vs. Hyaluronic Acid: Which Is Better for Your Skin?

    Tremella, a functional mushroom, supports natural hyaluronic acid levels and offers similar hydrating benefits.*
  • Woman grabbing a bottle of her Tremella Mushroom Beauty Gummies

    Tremella Mushrooms and Skin Health: More Than Just a Beauty Trend?

    Not only does it have an unusual appearance, but Tremella also has some unique benefits not seen in other functional mushrooms. Its main advantages are for skin health, protecting the skin from UV damage, supporting collagen production, and helping your skin age gracefully.*
  • Pink background with Tremella Mushroom Gummy for Beauty

    How Tremella Boosts Collagen Synthesis Naturally

    If you want to support healthy collagen naturally (besides staying out of the sun), a functional mushroom called Tremella may help. Let’s dive into what research says about this mushroom and its impact on collagen.*
  • Woman holding a bottle of Fungies Tremella Mushroom Gummies for Skin Health

    How Tremella Mushrooms Support Wellness and Skin Health

    Tremella is a delicate mushroom that resembles an underwater coral. While it has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for overall health and beauty, scientific research is just starting to evaluate some of its benefits.*