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The "Fun Guy" Behind Fungies

Meet Rob

Our founder, Rob Kaufman, has always had a passion for biohacking his mind and body for peak performance. Being in the health and wellness industry for the last five years, Rob continuously educates himself on ingredients to achieve this.

One ingredient in particular that he fell in love with was lion’s mane. The only downside? Lion's Mane was only available in hard-to-swallow capsules, messy powders, or unpleasant tasting tinctures.

Rob knew that there had to be a better way to take lion’s mane, but what was it? It just so happened that the answer was in his kitchen cabinet all along!

One Morning

An Idea is Born

As a busy father and entrepreneur, sometimes Rob's days are hectic. Running late one morning, he yelled from across the house to his wife, "Jes, where is my lion's mane?" In which she replied, "I put it behind my prenatal gummies."

That's when Rob’s "Aha" moment came! Why had no one else thought of making lion's mane gummies?

Currently, there are a plethora of gummies on the market, from apple cider vinegar to sea moss and everything in between, but surprisingly none containing lion's mane. It would make this fantastic fungi a lot easier and tastier to take. Plus, who doesn't love gummies?

So, Rob and his team set out to formulate the best lion's mane gummies possible. After a year of R&D, they finally perfected their gummies, and Fungies® was born!

So, What Exactly is


Fungies® is the most convenient and delicious way to add lion's mane mushrooms to your daily routine.

We took all of the brain-boosting benefits of this fantastic fungi and packed them into all-natural, delicious, and vegan-friendly gummies.

Simply put, Fungi + Gummies = Fungies®.

So who is Fungies® for? Anyone and everyone that that is looking to supercharge their day!*

Perfect for students, business professionals, and parents, our gummies also serve up a delicious dose of focus outside work hours.*

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More Than Just Gummies

Our Impact

Healthy starts make way for healthy futures. That's why we're proud to partner with Vitamin Angels to help provide women and children in need with the nutritional support they need to build the foundation for a healthier life.

For every bottle of gummies sold, we make a 1-for-1 donation to Vitamin Angels to reach a pregnant woman or child with life-changing nutritional support.

We’re helping to build a healthier world, one gummy at a time, and we're glad to have you be a part of our journey.

© Photo Credit: Vitamin Angels

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These Sound Great

So What's Next?

Currently we are focused, no pun intended, on educating the world about lion's mane mushrooms and their wide variety of health benefits, both mentally and physically.*

But don't worry, we're already in the lab formulating and perfecting our next mushroom gummies – did someone say Reishi and Cordyceps?

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