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How Tremella Can Help Your Skin Stay Hydrated

Article at a Glance:

  • Skin requires significant hydration; Tremella mushrooms may help retain moisture and enhance skin health.
  • Research suggests Tremella may help improve skin thickness, control moisture loss, and boost barrier function.
  • Incorporate Tremella into your routine with tasty, vegan-friendly gummies to support your skin.

You’ve heard you must drink eight or more glasses of water to stay hydrated so your body can function optimally. But of all the organs in your body, you may be surprised to hear that your skin needs water the most. You lose around 300-400 mL of water through your skin via sweat and evaporation daily, called transepidermal water loss.[1]

When too much water is lost, the skin looks dry and dull. Age-related moisture loss is also one of the main reasons for wrinkles. Besides drinking more water and regularly keeping your skin moisturized, what else can you do to help your skin stay hydrated?

A functional mushroom called Tremella might help your skin hold onto the moisture it already has. Here’s how it works for skin hydration.

Tremella and Hydration

While Tremella mushroom has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western researchers are just starting to discover its benefits. One potential benefit is how Tremella may help the skin hold onto moisture and reduce natural water evaporation. When the skin can hold onto water, it looks better (plump, dewy, smooth), but this hydration also slows the development of wrinkles and age-related dryness.

A 2023 review found that Tremella may help support healthy skin function by improving thickness (a sign it is successfully retaining moisture), controlling moisture losses, and improving barrier function.[2] This means more water will stay inside the skin cells, keeping the skin smooth and soft. Another study confirmed these results, finding that Tremella extract did help the skin retain water.[3]

Tremella mushrooms may also help your skin hold onto water in another way. A 2023 animal study found that Tremella extract helped skin maintain healthy levels of hyaluronic acid , a naturally occurring molecule essential for skin moisture.[4] Hyaluronic acid plays a significant role in skin aging and moisture retention.

While the research on Tremella and skin hydration is relatively new, it is promising for its potential skin health benefits.

Staying Hydrated with Tremella

While Tremella doesn’t replace the need for water (you still need 8+ glasses a day), it can help your skin hold on to some of the water you’re drinking and reduce natural losses.

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