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Experience the power of Lion's Mane with Fungies® delicious gummies that taste like fruit snacks!

500mg Lion's Mane Mushroom Per Gummy

Unlock Your Brain's Potential Today*

Support Cognitive Function and Memory*

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"A game-changer for my cognitive health."

There's no denying it: Investing in your brain health is one of the most impactful ways to improve your overall well-being. But maintaining cognitive function isn't always straightforward.

You're constantly juggling multiple tasks at once. Mental fatigue sets in after a long day. And it's hard to keep a sharp focus and clear thinking consistently.

What if supporting your cognitive health was as simple as enjoying a delicious gummy?

No more struggling with brain fog. No more feeling mentally drained at the end of the day.*

And best of all? You'll be boosting your cognitive function while savoring a delicious, fruit-flavored gummy.

It sounds like a dream come true, right? You want to maintain your mental sharpness without all the hassle.

That's why we created Fungies Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies - the only gummies meticulously infused with 500mg of dual extracted Lion's Mane Mushroom, renowned for its incredible brain-health benefits.

So you can experience enhanced mental clarity, focus, and memory.*

Better Lion's Mane for Better Brain Health*

Many mushroom supplements on the market use cheap mycelium or lab-grown mushrooms cultivated on grain, resulting in a lower-quality product. However, at Fungies, our Lion's Mane gummies use only the fruiting body from mushrooms naturally grown on healthy hardwood trees.

At Fungies, we aimed to create a nutritionally rich and delicious gummy supplement that worked and was enjoyable to take. We spent nearly two years perfecting our Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies to provide a high-quality, efficacious, and tasty experience!*

Non-GMO and Vegan-Friendly

Unlike most gummies on the market made from animal-derived gelatin, our gummies are made with pectin, a water-soluble fiber found in fruit, making them vegan-friendly.

Flavored By Nature

Each yummy gummy is naturally flavored with delicious, sweet, and juicy blueberries and strawberries. They're so good that you'll forget you're eating mushrooms!

No Artificial Dyes

Blue No. 1 and Red Lake 40? We'll pass! Our gummies are free of harmful, artificial dyes and are colored with natural anthocyanins and red radishes.

Why Fungies Lion's Mane Gummies?

Our Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies are expertly crafted to support your brain health, assisting you in achieving better memory and focus. With these delicious gummies, you can stay sharp and tackle daily tasks with ease.*

What Our Customers Say

Loving these Mushroom Gummies. They give me energy and help me to focus more on daily tasks. You will love the fruity flavor. You won’t go wrong buying these gummies!

Cheryl J.

Verified Buyer

I felt an immediate difference in my mental clarity! I have a tough time in the morning and feel a little foggy. The first day had me feeling like I could focus on multiple tasks at once.

Crystal B.

Verified Buyer

Amazing how the gummies have worked! Mental clarity has greatly improved. Words and names that I normally would have spinning around in my mind now come to the forefront!

Thomas I.

Verified Buyer

Fungies vs. Other Mushroom Gummies

At Fungies, we pride ourselves on crafting the most effective and high-quality Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies. Our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence distinguishes us from other brands, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed our own high standards.

Other Mushroom Gummies

500mg Per Gummy

50-150mg or Proprietary Blend

100% Fruiting Body

Mycelium Grain Mix

Dual Extracted

Single or No Extraction

≥30% Beta-Glucans


Yummy, Natural Fruit Flavors

Yucky, Synthetic Flavors

Pectin-Based Vegan Gummies

Animal-Based Gelatin Gummies

The #1 Choice For Lion's Mane Gummies

See Why Thousands of Customers Trust Fungies

Totally Helps With Focus And Stress

"I love these gummies! They help me focus and not get as distracted I feel like my brain is not as foggy and its easier to think and not stress, seriously amazing product!"

- Teresa G. | Verified Buyer

Amazing Taste And Benefits For All Families

"Words do not do these mushroom gummies justice, they are definitely something all families will enjoy. From their amazing taste to their healthy benefits I can say enough good things about them, if you haven't you've definitely got to give them a whirl!"

- Sarah E. | Verified Buyer

Skeptical At First

"Having read about the benefits of lion's mane mushrooms, initially, I tried Fungies with a little skepticism, as I do with all "new" things having to do with natural health products, My aim was to improve my focus and general mental acuity. On those fronts, Fungies has delivered. I have noticed a positive difference, even after only a week of starting to take them, much to my surprise."

- Stephen B. | Verified Buyer

Feel the Difference or Your Gummies are Free

We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our gummies. That's why your order is secured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for some reason you don't love our gummies, we'll happily refund you - no questions asked. You don't even need to return any product back to us. That's how confident we are that you'll love Fungies!

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Try our Lion's Mane Gummies today so you can...

Unlock your brain's potential.*

Stay sharp and focused.*

Support your cognitive function and memory.*

Elevate your mood for a daily dose of happiness.*

Give yourself an energy boost without the caffeine crash.*

Feel the benefits of Lion's Mane without mixing teas or gagging on giant pills or repulsive tinctures.*

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