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Experience the power of Cordyceps with Fungies® delicious gummies that taste like fruit snacks!

500mg† Cordyceps Mushroom Per Gummy

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"My secret to staying energized and focused throughout the day."

There's no denying it: Boosting your energy, mental sharpness, and physical performance can dramatically improve your overall well-being. But maintaining these crucial aspects isn't always straightforward.

You're constantly juggling multiple tasks at once. Both physical and mental fatigue set in after a long day. And it's challenging to keep a steady pace, maintain your peak performance, and keep your mind sharp consistently.

What if enhancing your energy, endurance, cognitive function, and athletic performance was as simple as enjoying a delicious gummy?

Say goodbye to the struggles with exhaustion, brain fog, and decreased performance. No more feeling drained physically and mentally or falling short of your goals at the end of the day.*

And best of all? You'll be elevating your energy, physical performance, and mental clarity while savoring a delicious, fruit-flavored gummy.

It sounds like a dream come true, right? You want to maintain your energy, endurance, mental acuity, and performance without all the hassle.

That's why we created Fungies Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies - the only gummies meticulously infused with the equivalent of 500mg† of Cordyceps mushroom per gummy. Known for its fantastic energy-boosting benefits, cognitive function support, and performance-enhancing properties, Cordyceps are a natural powerhouse that can help you power through your day.*

So you can experience not just enhanced energy levels and endurance, but also improved mental clarity, focus, and athletic performance.*

Better Cordyceps for Better Energy*

Many mushroom supplements on the market use only mycelium, resulting in a lower-quality product. However, at Fungies, our Cordyceps gummies use both the fruiting body and mycelium for maximum benefits.*

At Fungies, we aimed to create a nutritionally rich and delicious gummy supplement that worked and was enjoyable to take. We spent nearly two years perfecting our Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies to provide a high-quality, efficacious, and tasty experience!*

Non-GMO and Vegan-Friendly

Unlike most gummies on the market made from animal-derived gelatin, our gummies are made with pectin, a water-soluble fiber found in fruit, making them vegan-friendly.

Flavored By Nature

Each yummy gummy is naturally flavored with delicious, sweet, and juicy mangos and pineapples. They're so good that you'll forget you're eating mushrooms!

No Artificial Dyes

Yellow No. 5 and Red Lake 40? We'll pass! Our gummies are free of harmful, artificial dyes and are naturally colored with annatto extract and turmeric.

Why Fungies Cordyceps Gummies?

Our Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies are expertly crafted to boost your energy levels and cognitive function, helping you power through your day with increased vitality and mental clarity. With these delicious gummies, you can conquer daily tasks and maintain peak performance with ease.*

What Our Customers Say

I love my Cordyceps! I'm 73yrs old and I take a gummy every day. It gives me the energy and stamina to stay busy all day without any after effects!

Caitlin W.

Verified Buyer

I started taking the gummies around the same time I started training for a marathon. I’ve noticed my endurance and stamina have improved.

Christian S.

Verified Buyer

These Cordyceps gummies are great! They help me with energy and give me an all-over feel-better attitude during the day. I recommend this product.

Tanya T.

Verified Buyer

Fungies vs. Other Mushroom Gummies

At Fungies, we pride ourselves on crafting the most effective and high-quality Cordyceps Mushroom gummies. Our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence distinguishes us from other brands, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed our own high standards.

Other Mushroom Gummies

500mg† Per Gummy

50-150mg or Proprietary Blend

Fruiting Body + Mycelium

Mycelium Only

Dual Extracted

Single or No Extraction

Third Party Tested


Yummy, Natural Fruit Flavors

Yucky, Synthetic Flavors

Pectin-Based Vegan Gummies

Animal-Based Gelatin Gummies

The #1 Choice For Cordyceps Gummies

See Why Thousands of Customers Trust Fungies

So Far, So Good!

"I've been taking these gummies for two weeks now and definitely noticed an increase in my energy levels all around. As a mechanic, it’s the boost I’ve needed."

- John N. | Verified Buyer

Customer For Life

"I have chronic fatigue, and I started taking these gummies, and they have been helping a lot with energy and focus and help me with my job. I keep these right next to my bed and take them as soon as my alarm wakes me up. They taste great too! You should try these! Comes with a cool Cordyceps mushroom sticker too."

- Nicholas T. | Verified Buyer

Satisfying and Well-Priced

"The first day taking these gummies I skipped the caffeine and went for a long walk. I completely forgot that I hadn't had any caffeine mid-walk because I had so much energy. Right out of the bottle on the first day I found the Cordyceps to be amazing. Satisfying and very well-priced. Thanks and great job to the people at Fungies!"

- Charles N. | Verified Buyer

Feel the Difference or Your Gummies are Free

We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our gummies. That's why your order is secured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for some reason you don't love our gummies, we'll happily refund you - no questions asked. You don't even need to return any product back to us. That's how confident we are that you'll love Fungies!

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Try our Cordyceps Gummies today so you can...

Unlock the benefits of this awesome adaptogen.*

Elevate your physical and mental energy.*

Support endurance and performance.*

Combat fatigue and support stamina.*

Fortify your body's defenses.*

Feel the benefits of Cordyceps without mixing teas or gagging on giant pills or repulsive tinctures.*

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†50mg of 10:1 Extract Equivalent to 500mg Dry Cordyceps Mushroom Per Gummy

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