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How Reishi Can Help Promote Longevity and Well-Being

Article at a Glance:

  • Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) are functional and adaptogenic mushrooms with a long history of use in Chinese medicine.
  • Many people enjoy the benefits of Reishi for immune support, heart health, and relaxation.
  • Reishi may also help promote longevity thanks to its many potential benefits to overall health and well-being.
  • An easy way to add Reishi to your daily routine is to grab a bottle of our Reishi Mushroom Gummies.

Sometimes called "The Mushroom of Immortality," Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a functional mushroom used for various ailments in Chinese medicine. Some of their best-known uses are for supporting the normal inflammatory response, immune function, heart health, liver health, and promoting better sleep and relaxation.

Also considered one of the most potent adaptogens in nature, Reishi is used to help support the body's ability to respond to stress.[1] Many people like using them for overall well-being, which may help promote longevity.

Nutrition and Longevity

Most people want to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. One major factor in getting the opportunity to do so is your lifestyle, which includes the nutritional quality of your diet.

Unfortunately, the standard Western diet is characterized by a high intake of saturated fat, sodium, added sugar, and ultra-processed foods. These foods are nutrient-poor and lack the natural compounds that help promote health and longevity. This way of eating is associated with a higher risk for obesity and chronic diseases, which ultimately reduces the quality of life and can even shorten lifespan.[2]

On the other hand, consuming a diet based predominantly on minimally processed plant foods, including mushrooms and other adaptogens, is a great way to obtain nutrients and compounds from nature that are intended to support wellness.

Why Use Functional Mushrooms for Your Health

Functional mushrooms like Reishi are full of nutraceutical compounds that offer health benefits. These bioactive compounds include polysaccharides like β-glucans and glycoproteins, polyphenolic compounds, terpenoids, sterols, lactones, vitamins, and metal-chelating agents.[3]

Incorporating functional mushrooms into the diet has been studied for their potential to support immune, liver, and heart health, support normal cholesterol, and have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.[4]

Reishi for Healthy Aging

Because of their health-promoting characteristics, many enjoy adding functional mushrooms like Reishi to their wellness routine. There are several reasons why Reishi mushrooms are thought to encourage longevity.

Improves Oxygen Utilization

Exercise-based research shows that taking Cordyceps effectively increases the amount of oxygen a person can use during exercise, also called the VO2 max. More oxygen improves stamina, endurance, and athletic performance during high-intensity and aerobic exercise.[2][3]

Cordyceps also helps dilate blood vessels, which increases blood flow and helps deliver oxygen-rich blood to your tissues.[2]

Immune Health

Reishi mushrooms contain compounds that may help support your normal immune response.[5] A healthy immune system is important to help your body fight off illnesses and infections, including those that could otherwise shorten your lifespan.

Cellular Health

Reishi may promote cellular health by protecting normal cells and encouraging the death of unhealthy ones.[6] Furthermore, Reishi mushrooms contain antioxidants that help support cellular health by minimizing oxidative damage that can otherwise promote disease.[7]

Heart Health

Some studies have observed the ability of Reishi to help maintain normal cholesterol levels, an important risk factor for heart disease.[8] Additionally, Reishi may help support healthy blood sugar levels. This is important for heart health because uncontrolled blood sugar can cause damage to nerves and vessels around the heart.[9]

Enjoy Reishi with Tasty Gummies

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