How Lion's Mane Mushrooms Boost Memory

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  • Lion's Mane is packed with a vast array of potent bioactive compounds that stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).
  • In a double-blind study, researchers found that supplementing with Lion’s Mane resulted in improved memory and cognitive function, provided it’s taken consistently.
  • For a tasty and convenient way to help boost memory, try our vegan gummies, which contain 500mg of lion's mane per serving.

One in nine adults age 45 or older report memory loss or confusion.[1]

And, while most people think that becoming forgetful is just a part of getting older, the truth is that memory loss is not a normal part of aging.[1] 

Millions and millions of dollars have been spent on research trying to identify reasons why memory loss occurs and discover agents, both natural and synthetic, that may help improve memory, attenuate memory loss, and boost cognitive function.

Lion's Mane is a functional fungi that has garnered considerable amounts of attention for its brain-boosting benefits, particularly in memory.

How Lion’s Mane Improves Memory

Lion's Mane is packed with a vast array of potent bioactive compounds, including erinacines and hericenones.[2]

These compounds are powerful stimulators of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).

What’s NGF?

Nerve Growth Factor is a neuropeptide (protein in the brain) that promotes neurite growth and combats neuronal death. It is also essential to maintain and organize neurons.[2] 

Researchers believe that deficiency of NGF is related to Alzheimer's disease and plays a part in the origins of the disease process.[3]  

Based on this, you would think that simply supplementing with NGF would be a viable option; however, since NGF is a protein, it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. Furthermore, NGF is rapidly metabolized by peptidases (protein-digesting enzymes).

Therefore, administering NGF orally isn't an efficient means to increases the biosynthesis of NGF in the body. 

However, researchers have identified several botanicals that encourage the body to produce more NGF naturally.

Lion’s Mane is one such powerful botanical that has been shown multiple times to promote NGF; and it’s been found to improve memory and cognition in humans!

For example, a small double-blinded clinical trial involving adults, ages 50-80 years old.[4]

Individuals were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and given a total of three grams (divided into three 1g doses) of lion’s mane mushroom or placebo every day for 16 weeks.  

The adults who received lion’s mane experienced significant increases in scores assessing cognitive function.[4]

Interestingly, researchers did a follow-up four weeks after the trial concluded. Individuals were not consuming lion's mane during those four weeks, and researchers found significant decreases in their cognitive function scores.[4]  

Essentially, researchers found that during this study that supplementing with Lion’s Mane resulted in improved memory and cognitive function, provided it’s taken consistently.

Additional animal studies have demonstrated that lion's mane may improve memory and cognitive function in individuals with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's.[5][6]

To top it off, lion’s mane mushroom is also noted to help reduce beta-amyloid plaque, which is considered a primary biomarker associated with Alzheimer's. Beta-amyloid plaques are known to inflame brain tissue, disrupt healthy neuron transmission, and are indicated in nerve degeneration. All of which contribute to cognitive decline and memory loss. 

Taken together, if you’re looking to support cognitive function and aid memory formation/retention throughout your lifespan, then supplementing with lion’s mane is a no-brainer!

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Gummies

At this point, you're probably wondering the best way to incorporate this magnificent mushroom into your life? While lion's mane supplements are available as capsules, extracts, and powders, we prefer gummies since they are convenient, easy to take, and mess-free.

Each Fungies™ gummy contains 500mg of lion's mane per serving (standardized to contain 30% Beta-Glucans) and is gluten-free, gelatin-free, and vegan-friendly. Did we mention that they're delicious too? 

So grab a bottle (or two) today and experience firsthand how lion's mane can help improve memory and cognitive function.

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