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Cordyceps and Cardiovascular Health

Article at a Glance:

  • Cordyceps is a functional mushroom with powerful antioxidant and immune-supporting properties contributing to heart health.
  • As an adaptogenic mushroom, Cordyceps helps combat stress, contributing to cardiovascular health.
  • Our Cordyceps gummies are a delicious way to enjoy a daily dose of this fantastic fungi.

There are over 400 species of Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms, with Cordyceps militaris is the species that stands above the rest for its health benefits. Best known for combating fatigue, Cordyceps mushroom helps support a healthy heart in various ways. Let's explore how to use Cordyceps for heart health.

Heart Health Basics

A healthy heart is at the core of our overall health and well-being. Each heartbeat delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body allowing us to thrive. Heart health is a combination of both physical, psychological, and environmental factors.

There are some heart health factors we can't control, like our genetics and, at times, our environmental exposure to toxins. We may not be able to change our genetics, but we do have the power to influence our risk for heart disease.

We can change many more factors associated with heart health, such as stress reduction, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, achieving a healthy body weight, and decreasing tobacco use.

Cordyceps and Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health is a term often used interchangeably with heart health, and it means the health of the heart and blood vessels. Cordyceps is a functional mushroom that can positively influence cardiovascular health. Let's explore some of the ways that Cordyceps can support cardiovascular health.

Stress Support

Managing stress is an important, often underrated way to promote good heart health and reduce a major risk factor for heart disease. When the body experiences stress, your heart rate and blood pressure increase. Under normal circumstances, these values return to baseline. Still, if the body remains under stress over time, this can cause blood pressure to stay elevated, which increases the risk of heart disease.

Cordyceps is an adaptogen, a mushroom that helps the body adapt to stress. Mouse studies looking at markers for oxidative stress showed that Cordyceps supplementation positively affected blood markers for oxidative stress.[1]

Healthy Immune Function

Bioactive compounds called polysaccharides and cordycepin are found in Cordyceps mushrooms. These bioactive compounds are immune modulators, meaning that Cordyceps help stimulate the body's natural immune system.[2]

A healthy immune system can fight infections and protect against chronic diseases. Inflammation from stress, illness, or disease can tax the body's immune system. Cordyceps support a healthy immune system.

An example of how this relates to heart disease is that in studies looking at individual cells, Cordyceps positively influence the function of a fibrinolytic enzyme whose role is to break up fibrin clots in the blood vessels.[3] Having fibrin clots is associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Enhance Circulation

Good circulation is an important element of heart health and physical fitness. In the fitness world, Cordyceps is touted for reducing fatigue and improving exercise performance.[4][5] This is largely related to Cordyceps’ role in improving circulation, thus increasing oxygen and energy available during exercise.

The exercise-enhancing qualities of Cordyceps directly apply to cardiovascular health. A healthy, functioning circulatory system delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to the organs and tissues while removing waste.

Managing Cholesterol

Maintaining normal cholesterol levels can significantly improve your cardiovascular health.

Most of what is known about the connection between Cordyceps and cholesterol come from animal models. This pioneering data show that Cordyceps promotes the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels.[6] Additionally, cordycepin may positively influence the metabolic pathway crucial for normal cholesterol levels.[6]

Taking Cordyceps for Heart Health

Cordyceps can be a powerful partner for heart health, good nutrition, regular exercise, and stress management. A daily gummy made from Cordyceps extract is an easy and convenient way to add Cordyceps to your routine.

Experience the benefits of Cordyceps mushrooms with a tropical pineapple and mango taste. Our gummies provide the equivalent of 500mg of Cordyceps mushroom extract per gummy. Each gummy is vegan, GMO-free, and made from Cordyceps extract for maximum benefits.


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